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7 04. 2017

Can I brand the tours with my logos?

Yes!  You are able to customize the logos in the following areas: upper left corner, over the tripod, hotspot, and headshot which appears on the welcome screen and agent contact info.  The best format to use overall is a .png file with a transparent

7 04. 2017

Should all the lights be turned on when shooting my tour?

Yes. Lighting is vital for image quality. We suggest turning on all the lights in all rooms/areas of the property before beginning to capture the tour.   You’ll also want to turn off all fans or other rapidly moving objects.

7 04. 2017

What link is used if I want to share the tour on my MLS?

Please check your MLS/Board rules. In many cases, you will need an unbranded version of your virtual tour. This is located under “Publish Tour” by clicking “Links” button and you will see the option for the Unbranded Link.

7 04. 2017

How do I set or edit hot spots on the portal?

This is done on the customer portal under “Edit Tour”, “Set Hotspots” tab.  Under this tab, all of the photos you captured will appear individually for you to set or edit how the hotspots appear.  As long as you captured a photo of the

7 04. 2017

How do I download the images from my tour?

This is done on the customer portal under “Publish Tour” tab.  Click the “Download” button and select “Images”. This will download all the images of this tour into a .zip folder to your harddrive for you to access. Keep in mind, these will be

7 04. 2017

Which browsers does immoviewer work in?

Browsers are constantly changing and we do our best to keep up with them. For the end consumer, the tours will work in any browser. For customers, Chrome or Firefox work best with the immoviewer system. If you seem to have some issues using