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26 01. 2017

Can I upload my own my own virtual tour?

You can upload a 360° panorama image/images whenever you wish. Go to „Publish tour“, Click „Download“ and choose the „Images“ you wish to upload.

26 01. 2017

How can I integrate a virtual tour into my website?

It depends on your website. You can use either a link, a PDF, an Embed-Code or our automatic API-Interface.If necessary see your System Administrator for these settings, or feel free to ask us or help.

26 01. 2017

How can I protect a virtual tour with a password?

You can protect your 3D home tour room by room. Go to „Edit tour“, choose a tour, click „Edit“, go to to „Configure“ and check the boxes next to the image of the room you would like to  limit access to and uncheck the boxes