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Impressive 3D visualization for new developments and building projects

Immoviewer allows you to view new developments that are still in the planning process with realistic, detailed and three-dimensional visualization. A simple floor plan is enough to show your complete property in 3D. By request we are able to show you what your property would look like fully furnished. You are able to walk through a virtual property with your clients using virtual reality glasses. We promise you a surprisingly realistic tour that is similar to an on site visit. Try it out!

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Note: To use the VR function, please click “Enter VR” to begin the tour. Please note that a smart phone and VR glasses are required for this feature.

Virtual Reality – What our customers have to say?

Viktor Pöhler Virtual Reality Neubauprojekte

We proudly present our new VR goggles to each of our customers. Thanks to Immoviewer’s innovation we use virtual reality to walk through all of our 360 ° tours with our customers. Not only are the customers thrilled, so are the owners!”

Victor Pöhler, locals Immobilien

This is our offer for new sites

We will turn your floor plan into a realistic 3D model.. If the property is already finished you still have the opportunity to design a tour with or without the use virtual reality. Based on the number of rooms in your property we will create a personalized offer for your project.


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